Selected writing

I, Robot / You, Robot: Alan Rath and the Choreography of Consciousness

With extreme economy of movement, gesture, and form, Alan Rath conveys the development of consciousness through a choreographed encounter between two robot arms.
  ·   18 min read

Ragnar Kjartansson's Virtual Reality

A video installation of people making music throughout the rooms of an old house creates a hybrid virtual-physical soundspace which blurs the boundaries between experience and representation.
  ·   Squarecylinder   ·   11 min read

I Have No Memory of This Place

Sohei Nishino's visual/spatial memories trouble the apparent truthfulness of maps and photographs.
  ·   7 min read

Culture and Spatial Perception in the Art of teamLab

teamLab's utopian vision for nonhierarchical spatial representation fails to acknowledge the centrality of linear perspective within Western visual culture and perception.
  ·   15 min read